Verify Accelerometer Power and Constant Current Supply

December 21, 2018

Configure VibrationVIEW

Figure 1. Configuring accelerometer power

Open VibrationVIEW and connect to a VR9500

Turn on Accel Power for Ch 1 to 4

Check ICP Voltage

Connect three 50 Ohm terminators to Channels 2, 3, 4

Read the voltage on a DMM (Agilent 34410A or Agilent 34401A)

Insert the BNC connector into the two holes on the top right of the DMM’s front panel, with the BNC cable towards the right.

Press the shift key on the lower right and then press the top left button marked V DC.

Figure 3. Connecting the VR9500 to the DMM

Connect Ch 1 to the DMM and measure milliamps (I) DC

Measure and record Amperage between pin (+) and shell (-) (3.55mA + or – 1.66mA = 2.49 – 4.61mA tolerance)

Measure Accelerometer Power current for each channel ensuring that each channel not being measured has a 50 Ohm Terminator to prevent any leakage. Record data in the table below.

Ch1 Vdc =                 V              Tolerance = 24V ± 2.4V  (21.6V – 26.4V)
Ch1 Idc =                mA             Tolerance = 3.55mA ± 1.06mA (2.49mA – 4.61mA)
Ch2 Vdc =                 V              Tolerance = 24V ± 2.4V  (21.6V – 26.4V)
Ch2 Idc =                mA             Tolerance = 3.55mA ± 1.06mA (2.49mA – 4.61mA)
Ch3 Vdc =                 V              Tolerance = 24V ± 2.4V  (21.6V – 26.4V)
Ch3 Idc =                mA             Tolerance = 3.55mA ± 1.06mA (2.49mA – 4.61mA)
Ch4 Vdc =                 V              Tolerance = 24V ± 2.4V  (21.6V – 26.4V)
Ch4 Idc =                mA             Tolerance = 3.55mA ± 1.06mA (2.49mA – 4.61mA)