Data Processing

June 2, 2021

“Processing” data implies that we are changing the data in some way. An example of data processing would be notching out 60Hz of noise from data.

The following may help provide some context of where data processing fits in the ObserVIEW system:

  • Data processing is distinct from data analysis, which separates data into components for a greater understanding of that data. For example, 300 years ago, Isaac Newton used a prism to separate white light into its various color components.
  • Data processing is also distinct from system identification, which leverages insights from data analysis to estimate the properties and characteristics of a system. Newton used detailed moon analyses from John Flamsteed to better identify the moon’s motion around the earth.

Data Processing Operations

Data processing operations include the following:

  • Low-latency filtering: using IIR filters that have feedback.

IIR filtering

  • General-purpose filtering: using FIR filters that do not have feedback.

general purpose FIR filter

  • Windowing: using FIR multiplication in time rather than convolution in time.
  • Resampling: upsampling or downsampling.