Connect to an ObserVR1000

March 31, 2021

The ObserVIEW software can connect to any Vibration Research hardware unit. Most often, ObserVIEW is coupled with the ObserVR1000. The ObserVR1000 and ObserVIEW are designed to record, analyze, and report field data.

Features of the ObserVR1000

The ObserVR1000 is a mobile, battery-powered, and standalone device. It can function as a vibration controller and a dynamic signal analyzer.

Data recording and analysis on a PC are implemented using the tightly integrated ObserVIEW or, for some types of analysis, VibrationVIEW (requires Ethernet connection).


Connect the ObserVR1000 to ObserVIEW

The ObserVR1000 must be connected to a PC via Ethernet or WiFi to record and analyze data in ObserVIEW.

The hardware’s integrated WiFi has a short range and limited sample rate and is therefore not recommended. An external WiFi adapter will provide a larger range and function at a full sample rate. A PANDA Wireless PAU09 N600 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter can be connected to the USB port on the ObserVR1000.

Connect via Ethernet

Connection via Ethernet is the best option when viewing multiple data channels at a high rate or storing recorded data to a PC’s hard drive.

To connect the ObserVR1000 to a PC via Ethernet:

  1. Connect the OberVR1000 to the workstation PC with an Ethernet cord.
  2. Turn on the hardware.
  3. Open ObserVIEW on the PC. In the software, select Connect to Device > Configure Hardware. The ObserVR1000 will have a status to the right that indicates the state of the hardware:
  • Available: Device is ready to connect.
  • Busy: Device is connected to another PC/WiFi-enabled device and is unable to connect. Click on the device to see the IP address that the hardware is connected to.
  • Offline: Device is not found on the network.
  • Updating: Device is in the process of updating. It is unable to connect until it completes reboot.
  • Connected: Device is currently connected.
  1. Choose the device and select Connect; a stream of data will appear with the channels enabled from the device.

The recent connections pane contains a list of recently connected devices. Select an item from this list to reconnect to the device.

Connect via WiFi

To connect ObserVIEW to an ObserVR1000 via WiFi, the workstation PC and hardware must be on the same network. Configuring Windows Firewall may be required (see the ObserVIEW Help file for more information.)

  1. Navigate to the PC’s available networks and select the ObserVR1000’s network.
  2. The default password for ObserVR1000 network is observr1000.
  3. After connecting to the network, return to ObserVIEW and click Connect to Device > Configure Hardware.
  4. Choose the device and select Connect.

ObserVR1000 Setup