Download and Activate ObserVIEW

March 31, 2021

The most current version of the ObserVIEW software can be downloaded from our website at The demo software is the current operational software; there is no difference.

ObserVIEW Licenses

The licenses for ObserVIEW are Basic, Advanced, Modal, and STAG.

Basic (free)

  • View stored data
  • Edit and export waveform data
  • Perform basic data analysis
  • View associated GPS data



Modal license in ObserVIEW


STAG license in ObserVIEW

A license key is optional. To enable additional features, please contact a sales representative at

Activate the Software

After ObserVIEW is downloaded, the software must be activated. Select Settings > License and complete the ObserVIEW Activation form.

Activate ObserVIEW software

Select Activate.

The Basic license is available after activation. If you are connected to the internet, ObserVIEW will autofill the free access code. If you are not connected to the internet, instructions for offline activation will be sent via email.

** Note: An internet connection is required to use demo features. **

Hardware Activation

Vibration Research I/O units

With a VR I/O unit that is licensed with ObserVIEW, the user can activate ObserVIEW by connecting the workstation PC to the device.