Create Differential Cables

December 20, 2018

Required Parts

Fig 1. Required parts

One Pomona 4969

Two Pomona 4970

One small diameter heat shrink


Assembly Instructions

Fig 2. Remove black leads and cut heat shrink

1) Remove the black leads from both Pomona 4970 parts

2) Cut the heat shrink in half

Figure 3. Prepare parts

3) Strip the ends of all the wires

4) Place the heat shrink on both leads of the Pomona 4969

Figure 4. Solder leads

5) Solder one Pomona 4970 (read lead) to each lead of the Pomona 4969

Figure 5. Apply heat shrinks

6) Move the heat shrinks over the soldered connections

7) Use a heat gun to melt the heat shrinks into place

8) Label the red-red lead as DRIVE

9) Label the black-red lead as COLA





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