Mathematics for Understanding Waveform Relationships

March 18, 2019

Fast Fourier transform (FFT) and power spectral density (PSD) mathematics are powerful tools for analyzing a waveform’s characteristics. In addition to the FFT and PSD, there are other types of mathematics that explain the relationships between two or more waveforms.

Three common functions are presented in this course: transfer function, correlation, and cross-spectral density.

In this course, you will learn

  • How to estimate and apply the transfer function
  • The alternative forms of the scaled transfer function estimator
  • How to apply ordinary and complex coherence
  • Cross-spectral density (CSD), cross-correlation, and CSD estimation

To learn more about FFT and PSD, visit the VRU course Random Testing. To learn how the transfer function, coherence, and cross-spectral density are implemented in VibrationVIEW, see the VRU course VibrationVIEW Analyzer Software Package.

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