Transmissibility of Resonance

March 29, 2018

The transmissibility of resonance refers to the ratio of the input acceleration to the response acceleration. Transmissibility answers the question: how much greater is the resonance’s acceleration compared to the input’s?

In Figure 4.1, the control acceleration is the input, and the acceleration of the end of the metal beam is the response.

transmissibility ratio of the response over control

Figure 4.1. Resonances of a metal beam.

Consider the resonance of the metal beam at 538.1 hertz (Hz). Here, the response acceleration was 33.11G, and the control acceleration was 1.034G. The transmissibility of the resonance is 33.11G/1.034G = 32.02. The transmissibility graph in Figure 4.1 displays transmissibility (Ch2/Ch1) of 32.03G at 538.1Hz.