Power On Complete System

February 13, 2020

After measuring noise with the amplifier powered on, check for noise related to the complete system.

  1. Set the gain to RESET and power off the system.
  2. Connect the drive cable from the controller output to the amplifier input.
  3. Power ON the amplifier and set the gain to 100%. At this point, the entire system should be operational.
  4. After 10 seconds, click the Save Data button and name the file “6 – Complete System.”

Figure 2.6. Potential ground loop in a complete system configuration.

Sources of Noise

Any new noise sources are likely due to a ground loop passing through the controller via the drive cable.

To correct the ground loop effects:

  • Power the controller from the amplifier courtesy outlet or the same power supply, if possible.
  • If the amplifier has a differential input, use the differential output adapter cable and differential output mode on the I/O unit.
  • Remove the ground pin from the controller power cable and connect a ground braid from the I/O unit’s chassis screw to the amplifier chassis.

For further assistance, submit the following information to support@vibrationresearch.com.

  • Vibration Research controller serial number
  • Manufacturer and description of shaker
  • Manufacturer and description of amplifier
  • Noise diagnosis data files
  • A detailed description of any other troubleshooting