Standard Vibration Test Parameters

November 7, 2023

There are several general sine and random vibration test parameters every test engineer should know. The following “Ask Joel” videos explain several of them.

Test Profile

Engineers use two primary parameters to generate test profiles: acceleration (G) and frequency range. This video demonstrates how to set up test profiles in Sine and Random.

Test Standards

Industry standards produce test profiles for specific environments and test types. The VibrationVIEW software includes a library of test standards, and this video shows a survey of some of these test standards.

Test Duration

The test duration parameter determines how long a vibration test will run. Test durations for sine testing can be the number of sweeps, the number of cycles, or time. Random vibration test duration is a set time.

Tolerance and Abort Limits

Tolerance limits define the levels where the vibration controller shifts from start-up to run mode. Abort limits determine when the controller should shut down and abort the test. Limits can be defined in various ways but are generally in decibels (dB).

Get Started

Are you ready to start building vibration test profiles? Download a free demo of the VibrationVIEW control software.

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