Keyboard Shortcuts

March 29, 2018

VibrationVIEW has many convenient keyboard shortcuts. Below are some of the most popular shortcuts.

Function Keys

F1 Display help for the current window
F2 Show the Control buttons
F3 Show the Channel buttons
F4 Show manual Control buttons
F5 Refresh graph
F8 Start Test Sequence
F9 Run Test
F10 Stop Test
F11 Advanced immediately to next level
Alt+F11 Go back to previous level
F12 Print screen image to printer


Control Keys

Ctrl + 
A Autoscale the Y Axis
B Show Sine Big Display window
C Copy selected graph to clipboard
D Show cursor display
E Change email configuration
F Zoom out to fit data
G Change selected graph settings
I Change input configuration
M Save current output to Memorized Drive
N Create a new graph
O Open a stored data file
P Freeze/unfreeze graph updates
Q Autoscale all open graphs
R Generate a report
S Save data to a file
T Inserts Time/Date stamp in Test Notes
V Paste text from clipboard
W Identify primary controller unit
X Copy text to clipboard
Z Auto zero inputs configured as DC


Miscellaneous Keys

Del Remove selected annotation
Shift+Ins Add annotation at nearest peak
Ctrl+Ins Add annotation at nearest valley
Ins Add annotation to graph
View next data file in directory
View previous data file in directory
Alt+PrtSc Copy screen image to clipboard to be pasted into Paint or Word